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Join us as we take a trip through the farming year from winter to winter and watch a huge variety of modern and classic tractors and farm machinery at work. By visiting many different farms up and down the country we get a real feel for what machinery are out at work in the countryside today. Starting with the end of winter and then moving through spring, summer and autumn until we start winter again, the cyclical nature of agriculture is shown as crops are sown, cared for and finally harvested before sowing begins once again. It soon becomes obvious just how important the tractor is in all this as well as the combine harvester, forage harvester, sugar beet harvester and pea viner. Implements include hedge cutters, mowers, balers, ploughs, various different types of cultivator, subsoilers, spreaders, sprayers, grass rakes, loaders, feeders, scrapers, trailers, irrigators, drills and planters to name but a few - all are in this programme and all are shown hard at work. Probably no other farming DVD programme has ever included so much action!.


The Farming Year Part 1 Digital Streaming
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Digital Streaming - The Farming Year Part 1

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