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The Articulated Tractor In Britain

This DVD looks at the unique group of tractors that use pivot steering, or articulation, to steer and are usually of four wheel drive format. These were mainly the product of North America following the success of pioneers such as Wagner, Steiger and Versatile. There was also some activity at the end of the 1950s in Britian to produce articualted four wheel drive tractors leading to such unique machines as the Doe Triple D and the Matbro Mastiff. This was followed in the early 1970s by the Massey Ferguson 1200, a smaller version of much larger tractors launched in North America.

Britain did not produce its own articualted tractors after that, instead the country relied on imports from America with machines from John Deere at the fore along with Massey Ferguson. Ford sold badge-engineered versions of the Steiger tractors as the FW range in the late 1970s through to the 1980s and then took over Versatile, leading to the Ford Versatile 946 being sold in Britain. Case IH bought Steiger and this saw wheeled tractors sold in the new red livery in the UK with the revolutiuonary Quadtrac changing everything in the late 1990s as it introduced rubber tracks on an articulated tractor for the first time.

In this DVD we tell the story of articulated power in the UK by using contemporary footage and archive material to show many of the makes and models that made this tractor concept such a success. We then look at the modern offerings in a world that is now seeing tractors of more conventional layout replace the articulated machines as we trace the rise and fall of the pivot steer tractor.



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