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Tractor Barn Productions was founded in 2009 by Stephen Richmond and Jonathan Whitlam and is a company based wholeheartedly on a true love of tractors and farm machinery.

Having known each other since a very young age and also having shared a passion for tractors and farm machinery, we decided to develop our huge collection of photographs, taken since 1984, into a series of books from 1996 onwards. We followed that up with moving images and for eighteen years we have been making programmes on tractors and farm machinery, now on DVD but originally on VHS. After producing nearly a hundred programmes for companies based both here in the UK and in Germany, we have, for the last five years, produced DVD programmes in our own right under the Tractor Barn Productions banner.

This was a logical move for us as we were restricted by having to rely on other people to produce the final product after being solely responsible for the creation, filming and presenting of a whole series of very popular farm machinery based programmes; plus of course it also meant cutting out the ‘middle man’ and leaving more money available for film production.

Tractor Barn was formed in 2009 and since then has produced well over thirty DVD programmes, featuring many different makes and models of tractor; from vintage, through classic to modern, as well as combines, potato planting and harvesting equipment and also pea harvesters. Using sixteen years of experience behind and in front of the camera, we have also embraced the editing process with state of the art equipment and a strong passion for the subject matter, leading to programmes that are truly made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and often dig deeper into the subject than just commercially produced DVD’s tend to do. New fully HD camera equipment is also making an impact with even higher quality images possible, footage that joins a back catalogue of well over 1000 hours of tractor and farm machinery action already in our archives!

This sums up the difference between Tractor Barn Productions and other companies producing farm machinery DVD programmes; we are both tractor enthusiasts with our own tractor collection, and we have been enthusiasts of farm machinery all our lives. This, we feel, gives us a unique perspective and also means that the programmes we produce are dedicated to the subject matter and not simply a money making exercise. As the company grows since its inception five years ago, we have big plans for the future and this also includes some fascinating new projects.  

Stephen Richmond

Born: 4th May 1976

Favourite Tractor: Ford 7810 III and anything Leyland or Marshall

Previous work: 20 years on an arable farm

Where usually found: At the editing computer or in the cab of a PMC 989 pea viner

Jonathan Whitlam

Born: 15th August 1972

Favourite Tractor: Ford 8730 and anything Leyland and Marshall

Previous work: 10 years running an aquatic centre - 3 better years driving John Deere tractors!

Where usually found: On the computer writing about tractors or (more often) out filming them

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